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Swedish Quant To Shut After Brummer Backs Out

Oct 29 2014 | 1:05pm ET

Brummer & Partners has pulled the plug on a quantitative hedge fund after two years of losses.

Archipel Asset Management, which got some 85% of its money from the Swedish hedge-fund investor, said it would close its doors after Brummer move to redeem its investment. Brummer said that the eight-year old firm “has not met expectations over the last few years.”


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Och-Ziff Closes Real-Estate Fund With $1.5B

Oct 30 2014 | 11:01am ET

Och-Ziff Capital Management has beaten its fundraising target its latest real-estate fund, one which will have global ambitions.

Ex-Contrarian Controller Arrested For Embezzling $12M

Oct 30 2014 | 11:01am ET

A former Contrarian Capital Management executive used his access to the hedge fund’s books to enrich himself to the tune of $12 million, according to prosecutors.

Former Hedgie Holding On To $1.5 Million Erroneously Transferred To Him

Oct 30 2014 | 11:00am ET

Closing his hedge-fund earlier this year, Joseph Galbraith would up with an unexpected windfall—one he’s apparently reluctant to give up.

Chanos Takes Profits On Brazil Shorts

Oct 30 2014 | 10:59am ET

Few have been more pessimistic about Brazil’s prospects than Kynikos Associates’ James Chanos. But on paper, at least, the noted short-seller looks a little less bearish on Latin America’s largest economy.

Judge Considering Allergan Effort To Disqualify Pershing Square

Oct 30 2014 | 10:57am ET

Allergan Inc. has asked a federal judge to prevent Pershing Square Capital Management from voting at the Dec. 18 special meeting it requested to oust the company’s board of directors, possibly its best hope of avoiding a hostile takeover by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International.

Strauss-Kahn Firm Under Fire From Hedge Fund

Oct 30 2014 | 10:13am ET

The firm at which former International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn planned to launch a hedge fund was in trouble was another hedge fund at the time of its founder’s death.

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Q&A: High Conviction, Low Correlation

Oct 30 2014 | 7:35am ET

Acadian Asset Management's numbers are big: over $70 billion in assets under management, 60 markets in its investment universe, 40,000 stocks in its database, 70 underlying characteristics used to evaluate companies. Specializing in active global and international equity strategies, the Boston-based firm employs an array of quantitative investment techniques and analytical models for active stock selection as well as peer group valuation. FINalternativesMary Campbell recently spoke to Acadian's director of long/short strategies, Gartmore Group-vet Alex Voitenok.

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Alex VoitenokAlex Voitenok


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