Guest Contributors

One Year, Three Lessons: What Launching A Liquid Alternatives Fund Taught Us

Sep 24 2015 | 1:53pm ET

Reinsurance: The Perfect Hedge Fund Strategy for Sharpe Ratio Enhancement?

Sep 21 2015 | 12:15pm ET

FATCA for Hedge Funds: Eight Common Pitfalls

Sep 1 2015 | 10:56am ET

Agecroft Partners: Hedge Fund Industry Assets to increase $250B by Summer 2016

Aug 11 2015 | 11:29am ET

Lifting of Foreign Ownership Limits Signals Sea Change in Vietnam's Capital Markets

Jul 28 2015 | 3:01pm ET

6 Essential Principles To Balance Your Investment Risk

Jun 26 2015 | 10:07am ET

Asset Managers Tackle Hidden Demands Of Convergence

Jun 17 2015 | 1:53pm ET

Active Management And Covered Calls: A Productive Investment Pairing

Jun 15 2015 | 5:24am ET

Does Volatility Targeting In Managed Futures Add Value For Fund Managers, Investors?

Jun 9 2015 | 5:06am ET

When Less is More: The Case for Concentrated Equity Strategies

Jun 1 2015 | 7:59am ET

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