Halls of Justice

Leon Cooperman's Omega Advisors Gets Federal Subpoenas

Mar 26 2015 | 6:00pm ET

Imprisoned Hedge Fund Founder Seeks to Void Insider Trading Conviction

Mar 25 2015 | 6:26pm ET

Bitcoin "Hedge Fund" Operator Pleads Not Guilty in Fraud Scheme

Mar 25 2015 | 9:36am ET

Madoff Feeder Fund Settles, Victims' Recovery Tops $10.6B

Mar 24 2015 | 9:31am ET

U.S. Court: Citigroup Can Process Argentine Bond Payments

Mar 23 2015 | 4:53am ET

Julian Rifat Receives 19-Month Jail Sentence for Insider Trading

Mar 19 2015 | 12:57pm ET

Herbalife Wins Dismissal Of 'Pyramid Scheme' Lawsuit

Mar 18 2015 | 2:22pm ET

CREW Wants Congress to Investigate Bill Ackman

Mar 18 2015 | 1:00pm ET

Stilwell Settles With SEC Regarding Inter-Fund Loans

Mar 17 2015 | 10:46am ET

Ackman Admits People Linked To Pershing Square Probed Over Herbalife

Mar 13 2015 | 1:47pm ET

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