Hedge Funds and CTAs

BlackRock's Event-Driven Hedge Fund Launches with $270M in AUM

Sep 2 2015 | 8:31pm ET

Gundlach's DoubleLine Marks 19th Consecutive Month of Inflows With $1.08B August Haul

Sep 2 2015 | 2:07pm ET

36 South Capital Gains In August as Volatility Soars

Sep 2 2015 | 1:29pm ET

Quant Fund dormouse Up 2.62% in August; Up 29.6% YTD

Sep 2 2015 | 1:07pm ET

Former CS Banker Launching Quantitative Long/Short Equity Fund

Sep 2 2015 | 11:59am ET

Gross: Fed Missed Opportunity, Now Risks 'Self-Inflicted Instability" With September Hike

Sep 2 2015 | 10:43am ET

SS&C Acquires Client Communications Specialist Varden Technologies

Sep 2 2015 | 9:22am ET

UBS Settles With Pursuit Partners Over 'Crap and Vomit' Suit

Sep 1 2015 | 6:58pm ET

AQR Managed Futures Fund Attracts $360M As Liquid Alts Remain Popular

Sep 1 2015 | 2:46pm ET

U.S. Appeals Court Rules Bondholders Can't Seize Assets of Argentina's Central Bank

Sep 1 2015 | 11:20am ET

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