Hedge Funds and CTAs

Hedge Fund Manager Charged In Connection with NYC Corrections Union Bribery Scandal

Jun 8 2016 | 10:17pm ET

Franklin Square Launches New Feeder Fund to Access Global Credit Strategy

Jun 8 2016 | 10:05pm ET

Quant Fund dormouse Gains 1.61% in May; Up 8.5% YTD

Jun 8 2016 | 9:50pm ET

Pine River to Shutter Fixed Income Fund, Return $1.6B to Investors

Jun 6 2016 | 11:48pm ET

AMG Said to Buy Petershill Stakes in Five Funds for $800M

Jun 6 2016 | 11:28pm ET

Context Asset Management Names Rowe to CSO Role

Jun 6 2016 | 11:19pm ET

Lyxor: Hedge Funds Gain 0.3% As Key Catalysts Loom

Jun 6 2016 | 11:04pm ET

Maglan Capital Sends Letter to Fairpoint Management, Calls for Sale

Jun 6 2016 | 10:38pm ET

CAIA Association Forms New Chapter In Japan

Jun 6 2016 | 10:16pm ET

Daily Alpha: Alternative Thinking on Matt Damon, Hedge Fund Reputations and Swiss Sanity

Jun 6 2016 | 11:30am ET