Hedge Funds and CTAs

Bear Stearns Vet Offers ‘Goodwill’ Hedge Fund

Dec 10 2008 | 2:25am ET

Gulf Stream Plans Pair Of Distressed Debt Hedge Funds

Dec 10 2008 | 2:23am ET

Hedge Funds Shelve New Offerings

Dec 9 2008 | 2:03am ET

T2 Buys ‘Most Toxic Mortgages Ever Written’

Dec 9 2008 | 2:01am ET

Steelers Seek New Hedge Fund Suitor

Dec 9 2008 | 2:00am ET

Fleckenstein Shutters ‘Stressful, Nerve-Wracking’ Short-Only Hedge Fund

Dec 9 2008 | 1:58am ET

Deutsche Bank Media Analyst Plans Hedge Fund

Dec 9 2008 | 1:58am ET

Tokyo Hedge Fund Adviser Calls It Quits After Assets Evaporate

Dec 9 2008 | 1:57am ET

Citadel To Halve Asia Staff, Close Tokyo Office

Dec 8 2008 | 3:22pm ET

Oxford’s Mortgage Hedge Fund To Buy $40 Million In New Properties

Dec 8 2008 | 12:32pm ET

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    Hedge Funds Care Gala Raises $2 Million For Charity

    Mar 10 2014 | 11:33am ET

    A huge thank you to all of the people who helped make last Thursday’s HFC NY Open Your Heart to the Children Benefit such a success. The charity gala raised nearly $2 million to prevent and treat child abuse in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Read more…