Hedge Funds and CTAs

Paulson Joins Hedge Fund Gold Rush

Mar 19 2009 | 2:46am ET

Q&A: FoFs GAM Reveals How It Dodged The Madoff Bullet

Mar 19 2009 | 1:00am ET

Armajaro Hires Lehman Vet. To Manage New EM Fund

Mar 18 2009 | 12:41pm ET

Swedish Firm Preps Futures Fund

Mar 18 2009 | 3:23am ET

Fortress Loss Balloons Amidst $3B In Redemptions

Mar 18 2009 | 3:19am ET

Vega Vet. Offers Reprieve To Hedge Fund Investors

Mar 17 2009 | 1:12pm ET

Singapore Firm to Launch Credit Hedge Fund

Mar 17 2009 | 1:11pm ET

Niederhoffer Futures Funds Target U.S. Investors

Mar 17 2009 | 3:30am ET

Tosca Adds Securitized Mortgage Fund

Mar 17 2009 | 3:27am ET

Citi Execs. Lose $20 Million In Defunct Hedge Fund

Mar 17 2009 | 3:22am ET

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    Northern Trust Helps Hedge Funds Navigate Derivatives Regulations

    Jul 8 2014 | 10:48am ET

    The surge in derivatives regulation is among the most complex challenges facing the financial services industry today. Northern Trust’s Joshua Satten recently spoke with FINalternatives to share insights into the challenges presented by new regulation and explore how the industry is responding. Read more…

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