Hedge Funds and CTAs

IAM Launches $100 Million CTA Portfolio

Feb 3 2009 | 9:35am ET

Hedge Funds Frustrated By Investors, Not Markets, In 2008

Feb 3 2009 | 1:50am ET

Departing Deephaven Plans To Spin Off European Fund

Feb 3 2009 | 1:47am ET

Perry Apologizes For First Annual Loss

Feb 3 2009 | 1:46am ET

Rising Tide Lifts Even Citadel Flagships

Feb 3 2009 | 1:46am ET

RAB Sells Asian Business

Feb 2 2009 | 2:12pm ET

London Commodity Broker Launches Futures Fund

Feb 2 2009 | 2:00am ET

Baobab Plans $500 Million Commodities Hedge Fund

Feb 2 2009 | 1:55am ET

Paulson Europe Partners In Big Payday

Feb 2 2009 | 1:52am ET

London Firm Unveils Macro Hedge Fund

Jan 30 2009 | 4:05am ET

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    Northern Trust Helps Hedge Funds Navigate Derivatives Regulations

    Jul 8 2014 | 10:48am ET

    The surge in derivatives regulation is among the most complex challenges facing the financial services industry today. Northern Trust’s Joshua Satten recently spoke with FINalternatives to share insights into the challenges presented by new regulation and explore how the industry is responding. Read more…

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