Indices and Reports

Morningstar: Hedge Funds Up 1.6% In August, 14% YTD

Sep 23 2009 | 2:47am ET

Study: Hedge Funds Cut Fixed-Income Trading In ‘08

Sep 23 2009 | 2:44am ET

Hedge Funds Take In $20 Billion In August

Sep 22 2009 | 4:07am ET

HFRX Unveils New Energy, Commodities Indices

Sep 22 2009 | 4:06am ET

Survey: EU Rules Would Cost Billions, Cut Returns

Sep 21 2009 | 12:39pm ET

RBC: Hedge Funds Up 1.65% In August

Sep 18 2009 | 11:33am ET

Hedge Fund Liquidations Drop, New Launches Rise

Sep 17 2009 | 11:19am ET

Lyxor: Hedge Funds Up Just 4.2% In ‘09

Sep 17 2009 | 2:03am ET

Barclay: Most Hedge Fund Strats. Up Double-Digits

Sep 16 2009 | 11:58am ET

Credit Suisse/Tremont Confirm Aug. Hedge Fund Figures

Sep 15 2009 | 11:09am ET

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    Northern Trust Helps Hedge Funds Navigate Derivatives Regulations

    Jul 8 2014 | 10:48am ET

    The surge in derivatives regulation is among the most complex challenges facing the financial services industry today. Northern Trust’s Joshua Satten recently spoke with FINalternatives to share insights into the challenges presented by new regulation and explore how the industry is responding. Read more…

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