Indices and Reports

GGHFI: Hedge Funds Edge Higher In November

Dec 11 2009 | 8:12am ET

Hedge Fund Launches Best Liquidations In Q3

Dec 10 2009 | 1:38pm ET

Hedge Fund Assets Hit $2 Trillion

Dec 9 2009 | 7:17am ET

CS/Tremont Hedge Fund Index: Est. Nov. Gains 2.29%

Dec 8 2009 | 10:45am ET

Hennesse Group: Hedge Funds Underperform In November

Dec 7 2009 | 7:24am ET

Hennessee: Hedge Funds Up 1.8% In Nov.

Dec 4 2009 | 2:55am ET

Long/Short Sinks As Markets Rally In Nov.

Dec 3 2009 | 12:36pm ET

Hedge Funds Increase Bets On Equities

Dec 1 2009 | 12:10pm ET

Hennesse Group: ‘December Effect’ To Bode Well For Hedge Funds

Nov 30 2009 | 11:14am ET

JPMorgan Launches Alternative Beta Indices

Nov 30 2009 | 10:25am ET

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