Indices and Reports

SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index Down 2.86% in January

Feb 11 2016 | 9:01pm ET

IndexIQ: Most Hedge Fund Replication Strategies Down in January

Feb 10 2016 | 8:59pm ET

Lyxor: Hedge Fund Index Gains 0.3% on Global Macro Performance

Feb 8 2016 | 6:48pm ET

Lyxor: Broad Hedge Fund Index Outperforms in January on CTA Strength

Feb 1 2016 | 8:45pm ET

Reuters Poll: Managers Raising Alternatives Exposure in Search for Uncorrelated Returns

Jan 29 2016 | 7:09pm ET

J.P. Morgan Survey Reveals High Hopes for Macro Hedge Funds

Jan 29 2016 | 6:06pm ET

UCITS Alternative Index Falls 0.22% on CTA Reversal

Jan 27 2016 | 8:20pm ET

Preqin: Alternatives Industry AUM Rises 10.1% to Record $7.4T

Jan 26 2016 | 9:28pm ET

SS&C GlobeOp: Forward Redemption Indicator Drops to 2.31% In January

Jan 22 2016 | 8:34pm ET

Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index -0.85% in December, -0.71% for the Year

Jan 15 2016 | 6:23pm ET

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