Liquid Alts.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Launches ETF Based on Hedge Fund VIP Index

Nov 3 2016 | 9:15pm ET

Nomura Asset Management Launches Second UCITS-Compliant U.S. HY Bond Fund

Oct 31 2016 | 7:58pm ET

Uncia Asset Management Launches New Equity L/S RIsk Premia Fund

Oct 27 2016 | 4:46pm ET

Allianz Global Investors To Close Structured Alpha Liquid Alt to New Investors

Oct 21 2016 | 8:19pm ET

HFRU Composite Up Slightly At Mid-Month on Equity, Relative Value Arbitrage Strategies

Oct 21 2016 | 6:45pm ET

Proposed Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Amends Filing, Names State Street As Administrator

Oct 19 2016 | 6:47pm ET

Deutsche Bank: Assets in Alternative UCITS Funds Up 26% Annually since 2008

Oct 18 2016 | 8:53pm ET

Wilshire Liquid Alternative Index Returns +0.11% in September

Oct 12 2016 | 8:02pm ET

THB Partners With Carolon Capital to Launch U.S. Micro-Cap UCITS Fund

Oct 11 2016 | 11:39pm ET

U.S. and Asian Managers Expected to Launch More UCITS and AIF Funds

Oct 7 2016 | 11:35pm ET