Tourbillion Capital Issues CIA Personality Test to Job Applicants

Apr 30 2015 | 11:23pm ET

Lakestreet Capital Partners Pushes for Breakup of John Menzies

Apr 30 2015 | 11:03pm ET

Sony CEO Calls Bill Ackman a "Putz" in Email

Apr 30 2015 | 10:55pm ET

Warren Buffett Losing Some Mojo on His Economic 'Moats'

Apr 30 2015 | 10:43pm ET

Study: In Activist Investing, Size Matters

Apr 30 2015 | 1:57pm ET

BlackRock Hires Van Brunt As Head of Cash Sales for Prime Brokerage and Alternatives

Apr 30 2015 | 12:08pm ET

Mangrove Takes Activist Aim at Atlantic Power

Apr 30 2015 | 12:00pm ET

Burren Capital Debuts UCITS Version of Global Arb Fund

Apr 30 2015 | 11:38am ET

Cello Nabs Saba Mortgage Bond Team

Apr 30 2015 | 11:14am ET

Northern Trust Launches New Portfolio Analytics and Compliance Service

Apr 30 2015 | 11:05am ET

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