Wyser-Pratte Suspends Redemptions

Oct 2 2008 | 10:40am ET

SEC Extends Short-Sale Ban

Oct 2 2008 | 10:21am ET

GLG Estimates Lehman Exposure Is Less Than 1% Of AUM

Oct 2 2008 | 9:53am ET

Citadel Hires Three From Lehman

Oct 2 2008 | 9:53am ET

MIT Prof. Offers Hedge Fund Beta Replication Funds

Oct 2 2008 | 9:52am ET

Asia’s High Net-Worths Grow, Increase Hedge Investments

Oct 2 2008 | 9:32am ET

Pequot Vet Readies Long/Short Hedge Fund

Oct 2 2008 | 7:33am ET

Annus Horribilis For Hedge Funds Illustrates Benefits Of Performance-Based Fees

Oct 2 2008 | 7:06am ET

Lincoln Vale Preps Trio of Alternative Investment Funds

Oct 1 2008 | 11:49am ET

Paulson Funds Keep Soaring Despite Turmoil

Oct 1 2008 | 10:51am ET

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