London Holding On To Hedge Funds, Despite Tax Hike

Sep 8 2009 | 3:59am ET

Looking Up, Down Under Hedge Fund Seeks New Millions

Sep 8 2009 | 3:58am ET

Alts. Firm Future Capital Names New COO

Sep 8 2009 | 1:00am ET

Aussie Hedge Fund Firm St. Helens Capital Gets New Name

Sep 8 2009 | 1:00am ET

Antigua & Barbuda Search For Permanent Regulatory Chief

Sep 7 2009 | 4:36pm ET

Russell Investments Appoints Climate Change Capital To Manage Fund

Sep 7 2009 | 2:34pm ET

Smart Grid Specialist Protects Proprietary Information

Sep 7 2009 | 2:31pm ET

Tennessee Biomass Project Gets $5M From DoE

Sep 7 2009 | 2:28pm ET

Obama’s ‘Green Jobs’ Advisor Resigns

Sep 7 2009 | 1:00am ET

Hedge Fund Hot-Spot Denies Bankruptcy

Sep 4 2009 | 10:18am ET

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Chicago-based independent futures brokerage and clearing firm R.J. O’Brien & Associates (RJO) has hired industry veteran Daniel Staniford as Executive Director, responsible for the firm’s institutional business development in New York and London.