Ospraie Raises $100 Million For New Hedge Funds

Jul 6 2009 | 12:53pm ET

CFM Chief Aguilar Dies In Gliding Accident

Jul 6 2009 | 12:53pm ET

Texas Hedge Fund Fraudster Pleads Guilty

Jul 6 2009 | 12:52pm ET

Young Hedge Fund Manager Says He’s Innocent ‘Unless Proven Otherwise’

Jul 6 2009 | 11:25am ET

Camulos Considers Outsouring Compliance, Admin.

Jul 6 2009 | 11:25am ET

FDIC’s Bank Buyout Rules Get Thumbs Down From Private Equity

Jul 6 2009 | 11:24am ET

New York Provides $1.5M To Cleantech Program

Jul 6 2009 | 10:10am ET

Turbine Air Systems Snags Funding

Jul 6 2009 | 9:58am ET

Prometheus Raises $10M From Shell’s VC Fund

Jul 6 2009 | 9:55am ET

Indian Cleantech Firms Raise $131M In Q2

Jul 6 2009 | 9:45am ET

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Versum Materials (VSM), with a market capitalization of $2.7 billion, enables chipmakers to achieve higher performance at lower cost with enhanced reliability. Versum is a leading global provider of electronic materials for the integrated circuit and flat-panel display markets.