The Daily Alpha: Alternative Thinking on Union Swindlers, Oil Divestment and Hedge Fund Performance

Jun 9 2016 | 10:54am ET

Juggernaut Capital Closes Third Fund at $380M

Jun 8 2016 | 11:48pm ET

Hall's Astenbeck Capital Up 24% YTD As Prediction of Oil Price Rebound Proves Prescient

Jun 8 2016 | 11:32pm ET

HFR: Hedge Funds Book Third Consecutive Advance in May

Jun 8 2016 | 11:13pm ET

Bernhard Capital Partners Raises $750M for Inaugural Energy Services Fund

Jun 8 2016 | 10:50pm ET

Hedge Fund Manager Charged In Connection with NYC Corrections Union Bribery Scandal

Jun 8 2016 | 10:17pm ET

Franklin Square Launches New Feeder Fund to Access Global Credit Strategy

Jun 8 2016 | 10:05pm ET

Quant Fund dormouse Gains 1.61% in May; Up 8.5% YTD

Jun 8 2016 | 9:50pm ET

The Daily Alpha: Alternative Thinking on Unreasonable Expectations, Bad Content Models and the Election

Jun 8 2016 | 1:10pm ET

The Daily Alpha: Alternative Thinking on Cohen Construction, Beauty Queen Economics and Unreasonable Expectations

Jun 7 2016 | 10:56am ET