Cohen’s Ex-Wife Says Lawsuit Will Return

Jan 13 2010 | 1:48am ET

Hedge Funds See November Inflow, December Outflow

Jan 13 2010 | 1:47am ET

Rajaratnam’s $100 Million Bail Upheld

Jan 13 2010 | 1:46am ET

Beverly Hills Hedge Fund Fraudster Goes Up The River

Jan 13 2010 | 1:46am ET

HFN: Broad-Based Returns Push Hedge Funds Up 19%

Jan 13 2010 | 1:45am ET

SAIL Plans Distressed Fund, Opens Doors In New York

Jan 13 2010 | 1:45am ET

Citi Seizes Servicing Opportunity In Europe

Jan 13 2010 | 1:44am ET

Bluenose Readies Onshore Market-Neutral Fund

Jan 13 2010 | 1:44am ET

Britain’s Tate Gallery Loses £1M On Hedge Funds

Jan 13 2010 | 1:43am ET

Backstop Solutions Names Sales Head

Jan 12 2010 | 9:19pm ET

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The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) ordered The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Goldman, Sachs & Co. to pay a $120 million penalty for attempted manipulation and false reporting of ISDAFIX Benchmark Rates, a global benchmark for interest rate products.