Citadel Renames Hedge Fund Administration Unit

Sep 9 2009 | 11:54am ET

Canadian Cleantech Developers Invited To Apply For Funding

Sep 9 2009 | 11:25am ET

New Japanese PM Promises To Cut Emissions 25% By 2020

Sep 9 2009 | 7:02am ET

First Solar To Build 2GW Plant In China

Sep 9 2009 | 6:53am ET

Hedge Funds Up 1.1% In August, Take In $4.5B

Sep 8 2009 | 12:48pm ET

You Can Go Home Again: Catapult’s Fleishman Rejoins BofA-Merrill

Sep 8 2009 | 12:46pm ET

Aussie Cleantech Industry Could Reach US$30 Billion

Sep 8 2009 | 10:30am ET

India’s REVA To Unveil New Electric Cars At Frankfurt Show

Sep 8 2009 | 9:57am ET

Equity Markets Trump Hedge Funds In August

Sep 8 2009 | 9:45am ET

Hedge Fund Advisory Beefs Up London Team

Sep 8 2009 | 9:19am ET

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Business Insider has been reporting on the unusual trading activity of a mystery trader who placed a profitable short equity bet to the tune of $21 million on the Aug. 10 move in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).