Evidence in Support of Shorter-Term Market Timing

Aug 10 2011 | 1:34pm ET

Original publication date: May 31, 2011
Author(s): Haim A. Mozes, Ph.D. and Serge Cooks, CFA

Spring Mountain Capital, an investment management firm that focuses on alternative asset investing, has released a proprietary white paper to evaluate the investment benefits of market timing or “active beta” strategies and its impact on improving alpha performance, particularly for hedge funds.

Co-authored by Haim Mozes, Ph.D, a Senior Consultant with SMC and Serge Cooks, CFA, Quantitative Analyst at SMC, the white paper outlines how market timing is possible over shorter time periods typically considered by investors and that market timing is the source of at least half of hedge fund alpha, contrary to the general industry view.

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