NYSSA Emerging Markets Outlook
Tuesday, September 20 6-8pm
NYSSA Conference Center
located at 1540 Broadway (@ 45th Street) Suite 1010

Investors’ interest in emerging market assets has undergone significant changes in recent years and this trend is likely to continue. Emergent countries have experienced relatively low inflation and interest rates, improved economic reforms through sound fiscal and monetary policies, relative political stability, favorable democratic trends, and better corporate governance. Significantly larger growth rates earned on investments as compared with developed markets have also been an important factor in encouraging investors to award emerging market assets much larger portfolio allocations. 

Three emerging market specialists (representing Asia, Latin America, and Europe) will share their respective insights on emerging markets globally. Please join our panel of regional experts as they discuss their insights in the investment opportunities within emerging markets today. 

Please refer to NYSSA: Emerging Markets Outlook for more details on event and registration information. 

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