100 Women In Hedge Funds Presents
2013 and Beyond - The CIO Perspective
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | New York

Asset classes, strategies, managers -- an endless array of opportunities for investors. As managers endeavor to differentiate themselves, investors look beyond performance and marketing to hone in on what aligns best with their own objectives, outlook and investment policies, among other agendas and requirements. Please join a discussion with the Chief Investment Officers on our panel as they address this and also answer questions such as:
How have you altered your investment style in a zero interest rate environment, which most likely will be with us for an extended period?

  • When, how and why do you rebalance your asset allocation?
  • Do you use hedge funds as a portfolio hedge or as a total return vehicle?
  • How do you evaluate trends among your peers -- when do you want to be a contrarian?
  • How do you look beyond favorite strategies and managers to discern the why and how of an investment approach?


  • Jane Mendillo, President & Chief Executive Officer, Harvard Management Company
  • Larry Schloss, Chief Investment Officer, New York City Retirement Systems
  • Ash Williams, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer, Florida State Board of Administration
  • Anita Nemes, Moderator, Managing Director- Global Head of Hedge Fund Capital Group, Deutsche Bank


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