Wealth Management Insights Summit
April 15-17, 2013
The Biltmore - Miami-Coral Gables, FL

This Family Office/Hedge Fund cap intro event and conference offers Family Office investors an efficient way of learning about new alternative investment opportunities and conducting the important initial round of in-person meetings to gauge, beyond the data, which managers and funds are worth further due diligence. Hedge fund managers get an organized, practical way of meeting, presenting to and networking with Family Office investors in an intimate business and social environment.

This is the first ever invitation-only, fully hosted cap intro event for Family Offices in the United States. The conference is truly free for qualified Family Office investors to attend. Not only is registration free, their air fare and hotel accommodation expenses will be covered as well. In return, these Family Office investors will agree to attend all scheduled hedge fund investment strategy presentations and pre-arranged one-on-one appointments with hedge fund firm representatives. Family Office attendees will be asked in advance about their investment strategy preferences, and the plans and needs of their investment committee. This information will be used to help pair the appropriate hedge funds with the most appropriate investor prospects. This will ensure a time- and cost-effective and quality peer-to-peer experience for all attendees.

There are three price point offerings for presenting hedge funds, based primarily on the number of family office investors they will be pre-scheduled to meet with. All presentation meetings between hedge funds and Family Offices will be private; both the small boardroom setting presentations hedge funds will make to investors, as well as the one-on-one meetings.

The Wealth Management Insights Summit also features conference sessions and intimate networking opportunities with top industry experts offering insights, advice and actionable ideas for both Family Office attendees and hedge fund firm participants.

Industry experts speaking at the event include Chris Greer, Global Head of Capital Introductions at Citi Prime Finance, Bruce Frumerman, founder and CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., Samuel Won, founder and Managing Director of Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc., Suzanne Currie, co-founder of Baker Currie Global LLC and Neil Chelo, director of research at Benchmark Plus Partners. The Keynote speech will be given by Harry Markopolos, who uncovered the Madoff fraud.

The event's networking programs, dining and networking receptions are structured to give investor and fund manager attendees the opportunity to more easily build relationships that may lead to investment allocation decisions among the participating Family Offices.

For more information please visit the website at www.wealthmgtinsights.com or contact Lou Markopolos at lmarkopolos@ngageco.com or 1-786-353-2788.


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