High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading Conference
Enhancing a High Performing Practice in Low Volume Environment
April 30 - May 1, 2013 | New York, NY

The marcus evans High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading Conference will bring together regulators and top-level executives focused on high frequency and algorithmic trading to discuss how profit can be found in the current low volume environment. By attending, delegates will have the opportunity to focus on the real concerns surrounding the looming high frequency trading regulation.

Key Sessions Featured at the Conference Include:

  • Effectively tweaking trading strategies to find profit in a low volume environment
  • Finding the proper latency needed to effectively execute a firm’s trading strategy
  • The CFTC’s viewpoint: what the agency would like regulation of the high frequency and algorithmic trading industry to entail
  • Assessing how regulators should evaluate the effectiveness of regulations
  • Creating algorithms to fit different requirements and regulations of various countries and exchanges


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