Hedge Fund Association Presents:
Capitalizing on the Jobs Act
August 21, 2013 | Webinar

The passage of the JOBS Act now empowers hedge funds with an arsenal of new choices to accelerate capital raising and stand out from the competition, including print, digital and direct-mail advertising, social media marketing, and media relations. Please join us on August 21, 2013 for Capitalizing on the JOBS Act: How To Market Hedge Funds to UHNW Investors & Family Offices and learn from wealth management experts at the forefront of this new frontier in accredited investor engagement and hedge fund marketing strategies.

In this free webinar, attendees will learn about:
• Hedge fund brand and image development
• Print, broadcast, digital and direct-mail advertising
• Building credibility through media relations
• Integrating websites, blogs and social media
• Developing thought leadership programs
• Creating newsletters and communiqués
• Business development via conferences and webinars
• Marketing campaign development and measurement
• And much more! 

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