Alternatives Titans Crowd Forbes 400

Sep 21 2007 | 1:25pm ET

Private equity pros and hedge fund honchos are staking their claim to that most tangible evidence of super-richness: a spot on the Forbes 400.

Of the 45 new entrants in the annual ranking of the U.S.’s wealthiest people, almost half made their fortunes in alternative investments. Their presence helped for the first time push the minimum net worth for inclusion above $1 billion, to $1.3 billion.

Apologies to the 83 billionaires stuck in limbo between those two figures.

The top 50 is studded with such alternatives all-stars as Carl Icahn (#18 with $14.5 billion), George Soros (#33, $8.8 billion), the Blackstone Group’s Stephen Schwartzman (#40, $7.8 billion) and SAC Capital’s Steven Cohen (#47, $6.8 billion).

Among the newcomers to the list is Centaurus Energy founder John Arnold (#317, $1.5 billion). The hedge fund manager is the youngest member of the 400, at just 33 years. Fellow first-timers include Texas Pacific Group founders David Bonderman (#105, $3.3 billion) and James Coulter (#135, $2.8 billion).

The Alternative Investments Billionaires


Billionaire Source

Net Worth(B)

18 Carl Icahn Icahn Enterprises $14.5
33 George Soros Soros Fund Management $8.8
40 Stephen Schwartzman The Blackstone Group $7.8
47 Steven Cohen SAC Capital Management $6.8
52 Samuel Zell Equity Group Investments $6.0
57 Henry Kravis Kohlberg Kravis Roberts $5.5
57 George Roberts Kohlberg Kravis Roberts $5.5
57 James Simons Renaissance Technologies $5.5
68 Edward Lampert ESL Investments $4.5
82 Leon Black Apollo Management $4.0
82 Ray Dalio Bridgewater Associates $4.0
91 Stanley Druckenmiller Duquesnse Capital Management $3.5
91 Bruce Kovner Caxton Associates $3.5
91 Daniel Ziff Och-Ziff Capital Management $3.5
91 Dirk Ziff Och-Ziff Capital Management $3.5
91 Robert Ziff Och-Ziff Capital Management $3.5
105 David Bonderman Texas Pacific Group $3.3
105 Paul Tudor Jones II Tudor Investment Corp. $3.3
117 Kenneth Griffin Citadel Investment Group $3.0
117 T. Boone Pickens BP Capital $3.0
135 James Coulter Texas Pacific Group $2.8
165 William Conway The Carlyle Group $2.5
165 Daniel D’Aniello The Carlyle Group $2.5
165 John Paulson Paulson & Co. $2.5
165 Peter Peterson The Blackstone Group $2.5
165 David Rubenstein The Carlyle Group $2.5
165 David Shaw D.E. Shaw $2.5
204 Tom Gores Platinum Equity $2.2
239 J. Christopher Flowers J.C. Flowers & Co. $2.0
239 Joshua Harris Apollo Management $2.0
239 Thomas Lee Thomas H. Lee Partners $2.0
239 David Tepper Appaloosa Management $2.0
271 L. John Doerr Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers $1.8
286 Louis Bacon Moore Capital $1.7
286 Wilbur Ross W.L. Ross & Co. $1.7
297 Wesley Edens Fortress Investment Group $1.6
317 John Arnold Centaurus Energy $1.5
317 Peter Briger Jr. Fortress Investment Group $1.5
317 Israel Englander Millenium Partners $1.5
317 Alec Gores Gores Technology Group $1.5
317 Vinod Khosla Khosla Ventures $1.5
317 Marc Lasry Avenue Capital $1.5
317 Michael Novogratz Fortress Investment Group $1.5
317 Daniel Och Och-Ziff Capital Management $1.5
317 Marc Rowan Apollo Management $1.5
361 James Dinan York Capital $1.4
361 Nelson Peltz Triarc Cos. $1.4
380 Glen Dubin Highbridge Capital $1.3
380 Michael Moritz Sequoia Capital $1.3
380 Barry Rosenstein Jana Partners $1.3
380 Henry Swicea Highbridge Capital $1.3


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