HFA Symposium: Chicago Alpha 2014
January 9, 2014 | Chicago

The pursuit of exceptional risk-adjusted return has grown increasingly competitive against a backdrop of significant central bank activity. Hedge funds currently manage over $2.5 trillion in AUM as U.S. equity markets have surged. We will explore a number of topics regarding key dynamics of the hedge fund industry at the start of 2014.

What are the opportunities for emerging managers in this environment? How important is fee reduction for improvement of hedge fund performance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of liquid hedge fund strategies? What are the challenges facing CTAs? What happened to performance on the short side of hedge funds?

Chicago based managers will also provide their thoughts on the markets and hedge fund strategies.

Keynote Presentation by Andrew Beer
Manager Panel Discussion
Professional Networking Opportunity

This HFA Midwest Chapter Symposium is complimentary for HFA members, hedge fund managers and investors. Non-member service providers may attend on a very limited basis by paying a $60 registration fee per person in advance.