Risk Management In The Real World
A 2-day Seminar with Raphael Douady and Nassim Nicholas Taleb
February 27-28, 2014  | New York, New York

Raphael Douady's and Nassim Nicholas Taleb's methodology is entirely embedded in practice. Most risk management techniques are made by non-practitioners developing theories then finding applications in the real world, with chronic errors and risks of blowups. They travel the opposite direction: they start with the real world, and use entirely practical but rigorous methodology to find which models work or don't work, which models need to be developed and what to do about the problems.They will point out exactly where people are still making fundamental errors and we propose which ones can be corrected. Attendees will leave with effective methods and heuristics, which includes from questions such as which risk reports to look at to how to detect the tail risks in a portfolio.

Who Should Attend This Seminar:

 - Fund managers who want an extra edge
 - Risk managers who need to figure out things not in books and equations
 - Experienced traders who want some perspective


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