A Focus On Canadian Institutional Investors
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 | Greenwich, CT

Institutional investors continue to be the primary source of new capital allocations to hedge fund managers. Regardless of manager size, almost all are aware that the bulk of these flows are coming from U.S. public pensions, which are most often advised by one or more consulting firms.

In looking beyond the U.S. borders, new regulations have just begun to take effect in Europe, which could adversely impact flows from local allocators or managers’ abilities to access them. And, while Asia continues to hold great promise, the talked-about “great rotation” coming off the 2008 hedge fund experience has yet to happen.

On September 10th, we will therefore look to our northern neighbor, Canada. Canadian institutions have a long-developed history of investing in U.S. hedge fund managers and continue to be active allocators in the space, from public and corporate plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations and funds-of-funds.


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