Citadel Chief’s Wife Says He Bullied Her Into Signing Prenup

Sep 3 2014 | 7:43am ET

The gloves are off in the divorce battle between Kenneth Griffin and his wife of 11 years, with Anne Dias Griffin alleging that she was coerced into signing a prenuptial agreement and questioning the Citadel Investment Group founder’s interest in their three children.

Dias Griffin, a former hedge fund manager herself, formally responded to Griffin’s divorce petition yesterday. She asked that their prenup be voided, accusing Griffin of using underhanded efforts to force her to sign, and for sole custody of their children. Dias Griffin told the court that she’d like to move back to New York, where she lived and ran her Aragon Global Management before marrying Griffin, with the children.

Dias Griffin said that the prenup was “substantively unconscionable,” entitling her to just 1% of her husband’s $5.5 billion net worth, despite the fact that much of that wealth has accrued since their marriage. In addition, she said Griffin all-but-tricked her into signing it, only raising the matter shortly before their July 2003 wedding in Versailles, France, and failing to provide his financial details until three days before the nuptials.

The same day, the two “argued intensely” about the proposed prenup, with Griffin becoming “so angry, violent and intimidating that he destroyed a piece of furniture.” Griffin then suggested that they see a psychologist—without informing Dias Griffin that he was already that doctor’s patient.

“Anne was unduly influenced by Kenneth and the psychologist under the guise of a counseling session with a neutral psychologist,” Dias Griffin said. “Upon information and belief, Kenneth’s purpose for arranging the therapy session with Anne and the psychologist was to convince Anne to sign his agreement.”

It worked: Dias Griffin said she signed the prenup hours before their rehearsal dinner, which came just a day before the wedding.

Dias Griffin also asked the court for sole custody of their three children, aged two to six years, with Griffin getting only “reasonable visitation” rights. She alleges that her husband has “expressed little interest” in the care of their children, while she gave up her career to raise them.

According to Dias Griffin, the Citadel chief moved out of their home more than two years ago, when she was pregnant with their third child—Griffin, in his divorce petition, said it was about a year. She added that his filing came as a surprise to her and was done as she was en route to the airport with their children, and that Griffin removed artworks and furniture from their home during her absence.

Griffin’s lawyers called Dias Griffin’s allegations “salacious and simply untrue,” and said that their client was “respond to Anne’s allegations on the merits.”

“It is sad that Anne continues to make inflammatory statements purely for her own gain, and in an effort to attract publicity to what should be a private matter.”

Griffin has also sought the court’s help, on Friday seeking the appointment of a “children’s representative” and “temporary parenting schedule.” Dias Griffin’s lawyers said their client was again taken by surprise, as “he agreed the day before to work with a mediator to resolve issues surrounding visitation instead of going to court.”

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