GL Capital Partners Launches Liquid Alts Database

Sep 24 2014 | 7:25am ET

Waltham, Mass.-based GL Capital Partners is poised to launch a liquid alternatives research platform and fund database.

AdventAlts will evaluate funds by its own criteria to determine which qualify as true alternative investments.

To be classified as a liquid alternative by GL Capital, the investment must “exhibit returns uncorrelated with nominal GDP growth, derive risk primarily from non-systemic factors, have a sector or strategy with a total market value of less than 3% of the total addressable investment market, and be traded on a major exchange with reasonable daily liquidity.”

By these standards, GL says that only 191 of the 569 funds currently listed as “liquid alternatives” by Morningstar, Bloomberg, and Daily Alts, actually qualify.

AdventAlts is intended for use by financial advisers, portfolio managers and individual investors.

“As we’ve seen with Calpers’ recently announced plan to exit hedge fund investments, the investment marketplace is changing and investors may be looking for cheaper, more flexible alternative investments,” said Steve Brune, COO of GL Capital Partners, in a statement. “We saw a need for unbiased, independent alternative research to help support this movement in the retail sector and have launched Advent Alts to help fulfill our mission of empowering the retail marketplace with institutional-level service and research.”

Founded by Dan Thibeault, who also serves as president, GL Capital Partners is a global asset manager and institutional investment advisor that provides liquid alternative strategies to the institutional and registered investment advisor marketplaces. GL Capital employs a 28-person research team.

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