Swiss Fundbase Launches Cloud-based Alts. Platform

Sep 25 2014 | 11:03am ET

Qualified investors in Switzerland, the EU and the United States can now access alternative investments via a Swiss, cloud-based platform., which launched this month, aims to make access to alternative assets more efficient and easier by providing a consolidated database of investment and price data and providing exposure for smaller managers with limited marketing and operations budgets.

Fundbase, which said it already offers “hundreds” of alternative investments and adds 10 new funds daily, meets all regulatory requirements to serve as an information platform for qualified investors from Switzerland, the European Union and the U.S.

Platform users are offered a number of functions free of charge—including filtering for different product classes, watch lists, fund-level analytics and an automated fact-sheet generator. They can also connect to fund providers directly and get access to reference data, final prices and various documents for each investment product.

For a fee, existing hedge fund investors may access enhanced functionality and individual investment data on the classes and series level. In future, said Fundbase, investors will be able to interact with each other anonymously, sharing information “such as the results of their due diligence processes.”

The platform is operated by Fundbase Holding, a start-up company founded by a group of alternative industry and technology entrepreneurs in 2013. It currently employs 17 people at its head office in Pfaeffikon, Switzerland, and branches in New York and Bratislava.

Fundbase's advisory board includes Zak Mandhro, senior partner technology manager at Google San Francisco; Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich; Marcel van Lohuizen, tech lead manager at Google Switzerland; Daniel Sauer, head of operation, risk & systems at a Swiss-based single family office; and Heiner Schellenberg, member of the board of directors of Proseba, Switzerland.


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