Griffins Trade Accusations In Divorce

Oct 6 2014 | 12:10pm ET

Citadel Investment Group founder Kenneth Griffin effectively paid his estranged wife to marry him, he said in their divorce proceedings.

In a court filing, Griffin said a 2003 prenuptial agreement saw Anne Dias Griffin receive $25 million up front and $1 million per year for each year of the marriage. All told, the hedge-fund honcho said, he’s made $37 million in cash payments to Dias Griffin. She also got half of their Chicago apartment.

“The agreement’s terms were not only fair, but extraordinarily favorable to Anne, providing her financial security from the moment she was married,” the filing said. It also denied Dias Griffin’s allegations that she was coerced into signing the prenup, noting that it was negotiated “with the assistance of three prominent law firms.”

Dias Griffin is seeking to have the prenup, which entitles her to just 1% of Griffin’s $5.5 billion fortune, invalidated. She also wants full custody of their three children and permission to move them to New York, where she lived and ran her own hedge fund before marrying Griffin.

Griffin opposes the custody bid, asking the court to impose joint custody and to bar Dias Griffin from removing the children from Chicago.

In her own filing, Dias Griffin said that her husband had banned her from their homes in New York, Miami, Colorado and Hawaii, and that he threatened to demolish part of their Chicago home. In addition, she said, he unilaterally closed their charitable foundation.

“Anne Dias Griffin and her attorneys remain focused on resolving this unfortunate situation in a manner that is in the best interests of the Griffins’ three children,” Dias Griffin’s spokesman said. “She stands by her response to the divorce proceedings filed by Mr. Griffin and earnestly hopes this matter can be resolved outside of court, but Mr. Griffin’s actions are making that increasingly unlikely.”

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