Citadel Chief: Wife Has No Right To Pay For ‘Affluent’ Life With His Money

Oct 23 2014 | 5:09am ET

Citadel Investment Group founder Kenneth Griffin says his wife has plenty of money on her own and that he shouldn’t be forced to fund her “affluent lifestyle.”

In the latest nasty turn in Griffin’s divorce from his wife, the hedge-fund billionaire says Anne Dias Griffin “cannot support her claim that she has a clearly ascertainable right to have Ken fund purchases of couture clothing, helicopter rides, private air travel and whatever lifestyle she chooses based on Ken’s ‘total financial resources,’” his lawyers argue in a Wednesday court filing. “Anne also suggests that she is entitled to use of Ken’s two private aircraft,” it continues but such is “certainly not a ‘right,’ and its deprivation does not constitute irreparable injury.”

Griffin is seeking enforcement of a prenuptial agreement signed before their 2003 marriage that would entitle Dias Griffin to just 1% of his roughly $5.5 billion fortune. She wants the prenup junked, alleging that it was extracted under duress.

In his latest court filing, Griffin dismisses that allegation again, saying that Dias Griffin’s “petition is nothing more than a plea to this court to require Ken to fund her affluent lifestyle, notwithstanding her own substantial wealth, and notwithstanding the premarital agreement in which she knowingly and voluntarily waived any right to spousal support or maintenance from Ken.”

Griffin also disputed his wife’s allegation that his behavior has been unusual during the course of their split. It’s “at most an ordinary level of discord and disagreement between two parties involved in divorce litigation,” his lawyers said.

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