Hedge Connection Launches Virtual Intro Service

Dec 9 2014 | 10:08am ET

Hedge Connection, which connects alternative investment funds with investors, is launching The Capital Club, a virtual introduction system.

The Capital Club will allow fund managers to request introductions to allocators based on matching investment profiles. The manager is only charged when an introduction request is accepted and a phone call is scheduled between the two parties.

“The Capital Club is a game changer that dramatically improves the asset raising process within a legally compliant environment,” said Hedge Connection CEO Lisa Vioni, in a statement. “The big differentiator of the Capital Club is that the introduction results in a conference call between the fund manager and the investor which is a critical step in building a relationship and ultimately raising capital.”

Hedge Connection has conducted interviews over the past several months and built out detailed investment profiles on a diverse set of allocators that have been selected for the Capital Club. Investors will be added on an ongoing basis. Approximately 30% of the current Capital Club investors have over $1 billion invested in hedge funds and over 80% of the investors will look at emerging managers.

Annual membership in the Capital Club costs $500 and includes promotion of the manager’s fund to the entire Hedge Connection investor base via the Alpha Ten service. Accepted introductions cost $450 each and every 10th accepted introduction is free.

There is no cost for fund managers to join Hedge Connection and list their fund. Once an account has been created they can log into the Capital Club and view several investor profile samples. Allocators may apply to join the Capital Club on the Hedge Connection website.

Launched in 2005, Hedge Connection is a marketing platform for alternative investment managers and an information portal for accredited investors. The database is powered by Morningstar and provides investors with access to over 7,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs.

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