10 Best Schools If You Want To Work At Top Hedge Fund

Dec 10 2014 | 11:14am ET

SumZero, a social network dedicated to the buy side community, crunched the numbers and came up with a list of the universities boasting the highest number of graduates at the very best hedge funds.

SumZero's conclusions are based on a survey of its 11,000 members—a sample size it considers large enough to be representative of the 100,000 to 110,000-person “buy side” community.

Luke Sciefelbein, head of data science at SumZero, told CNBC they created the “top fund” category using a combination of rankings.

"We compiled a list of top hedge funds, according to both total assets under management as well as fund performance, from multiple independent entities, including Barron's, Bloomberg, Pensions & Investments and Institutional Investor," said Schiefelbein.

"The most highly represented schools on SumZero are similar in order to those you might find on a U.S. News ranking, but the schools with alumni that are most successful at getting jobs at top hedge funds show a much different order," Schiefelbein said. "This suggests that top funds might be much more comprehensive in their selection process above and beyond simply identifying those that went to the 'top schools.'"

SumZero calculated a “batting average,” representing a college's success in placing graduates at top hedge funds and here are the results.

#1 Colgate
Batting Average: 17.65%
Mission Statement: Colgate's mission is to provide a demanding, expansive educational experience to a select group of diverse, talented and intellectually sophisticated students who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers in a setting that brings together living and learning.

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