Pershing Square Tops List Of 10 Best Large HFs

Jan 7 2015 | 2:11pm ET

7. Citadel Tactical Trading

Manager(s): Team managed
Management Firm, Location: Citadel Advisers, U.S.
Strategy: Multi-strategy
Assets: $2.3 billion
2014 returns: 19.7%
2013 returns: 12.0%

Citadel Advisers founder Ken Griffin and high-frequency trading both made news for all the wrong reasons in 2014—Griffin for a contentious divorce, HFT as the villain in Michael Lewis' "Flashboys"—but Griffin's high-frequency trading fund made news for the right reasons: a 19.7% return. As of April 2014, the Citadel Tactical Trading fund was reported to have generated annualized returns of 26% since the beginning of 2008 with just five losing months.

Random Fact: Griffin donated $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard University, in 2014, the largest-ever donation to Harvard.

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