The Alpha Pages Introduces Modern Trader Magazine

Jun 4 2015 | 10:13am ET

The Alpha Pages, parent of FINalternatives and Futures magazine, introduces Modern Trader magazine.

After 43 years, publishing more than 500 monthly issues, Futures magazine will be re-introduced as a high-production value print publication with vastly expanded content for professional traders and self-directed investors.

The debut July 2015 issue of Modern Trader magazine will be in the hands of the more than 50,000 subscribers of Futures on June 1, and available at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and newsstands nationwide by mid-June.

While Modern Trader contains the unique analysis, industry insight, profiles and trading strategies Futures has delivered for more than four decades, this is not a simple rebranding. Instead, it is the launch of a radical new publication for professional traders and active investors.

“We began working on evolving our print publication toward Modern Trader in 2014,” remarks Futures/Modern Trader Editor-in-Chief, Dan Collins. “Futures magazine has always offered a much broader range of analysis and coverage than the name suggests and serves an attractive subscriber base of professional traders, industry insiders and active investors, but the time has come to evolve toward a broader editorial mandate to provide a platform for important and disruptive new market perspectives and analytics.”

“There will initially be 20 new departments offering market insight and analysis from unique points of view. Not from the usual perspectives of the professional analyst and trader education world, but from financial technology entrepreneurs who are actively changing the way traders get information,” says Collins.

The inaugural July 2015 issue of Modern Trader examines the ways traders and investors get their market news, and profiles numerous innovators who are leveraging technology, big data and social networks to even the informational playing field.

In the debut issue’s cover story, “False Prophets: How Financial Technology is Saving Investors from Financial Experts,” Garrett Baldwin, managing editor for The Alpha Pages, examines the erosion of trust in traditional sources of financial news and analysis and profiles the innovators who are filling that information void.

“The unintended consequences of the recent rapid evolution of the capital markets and trading technologies has only widened the professional investor’s information advantage. Yet, recent estimates place the number of U.S. self-directed traders at 54 million, of which an estimated 51 million individuals trade three or more times each month,” according to Modern Trader’s publisher, Jeff Joseph. “More individuals than ever are making active trading and investment decisions, but access to trading technologies is concentrated in the hands of the pros. Modern Trader seeks to narrow that information advantage by increasing active investors’ access to the new big data, social finance and analytical tools and resources which professional traders rely upon.”

Joseph continues, “During the past two years of contemplating the overhaul of the iconic 43-year old Futures magazine we have focused on one defining mission: To provide unique and compelling sources of institutional-quality research to a broader class of active investors.”

A free sneak preview of Modern Trader is available at

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