Seward & Kissel Launches Innovative Compliance Resource for Fund Managers

Jun 24 2015 | 12:53pm ET

Law firm Seward & Kissel announced the launch of an innovative online resource to assist investment advisers in complying with certain regulatory obligations.

The subscription-based service will provide access to Seward & Kissel’s model compliance manual, code of ethics, and guides to Form ADV Part 1 and 2. Subscribers to the annual service will also receive notifications when these documents are updated to help streamline their compliance efforts.

“We’re excited to offer this resource to SEC-registered investment advisors who continue to face increasing pressure to maximize their operating efficiencies while keeping costs low. We’re confident this platform can help them do just that,” said Robert Van Grover, partner in the firm’s Investment Management Group.

The Seward & Kissel New Hedge Fund Study, released earlier this year, explained these increasing pricing pressures and the essential need for managers to reign in costs.

“The resource will be advantageous to SEC-registered investment advisors who run funds of all sizes,” added Paul Miller, also partner in the firm’s Investment Management Group. “We’re proud to offer this service as another way to assist investment advisers in responding to their ongoing compliance and regulatory obligations.”

The firm plans to add more robust resources to the online platform over time, enabling the industry to better comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Founded in 1890, Seward & Kissel is a U.S. law firm known for its hedge fund and investment management work. The firm currently has the largest hedge fund market share among U.S. law firms, according to

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