Provio Brings Anonymous Interviewing to Wall Street

Aug 12 2015 | 2:44pm ET

Taking a page from social networking and dating websites, a startup technology company is addressing the need for financial professionals to research potential next steps in their careers without necessarily tipping off their current employer or colleagues. 

Web-based employment services provider Provio has developed a tool that allows financial industry job seekers to apply for any of the global positions listed on the platform in a secure environment, without disclosing their name, contact information or place of employment.

Meanwhile, employers, such as investment banks, hedge funds, wealth management firms and financial sector headhunters can search the company’s confidential resume database and only see candidate credentials. All personal and identifying information is kept private until authorized by the individuals themselves.

The recruiter or employer remains focused on the skillset the candidate brings to the table, searching on those skills rather than in free text form, which can return too many false positives. They can communicate to the candidate when they would like to pursue next steps, at which point the candidate decides when – or if – to disclose additional information. 

This double-blind recruitment process is patented, according to Provio. 

Meanwhile, Provio also adds social networking tools, offering a secure social community as well as the ability to share proprietary sector information such as salary comparisons and capital raising forums. 

The platform is limited exclusively to those with several verified years working in finance and with experience in private equity, hedge fund, investment banking or asset management.

Provio was founded in early 2014 by former Goldman Sachs executives Will Matthews and Mika Purra. Matthews, a former hedge fund investor and investment banker at Goldman, noted that seeking a new position on Wall Street often relies on networking and word of mouth. 

“This carries the risk that it will get back to your firm,” Matthews said in a statement.  “With Provio, you can eliminate that concern in the early stages of your job search."

Additional details about Provio can be found here.

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