Here's What We Have Learned So Far About Investment Industry Professionals…

Mar 25 2016 | 9:32pm ET

We are currently conducting a survey with various other financial media outlets to better understand the demographics, research habits and views of today’s investment industry professionals. This is what we have found, so far…

  • Overwhelmingly male (83%)
  • Over 46-50 years of age (25%)
  • Highly educated (62% have post-graduate degrees)
  • Trades daily (37%)
  • Prefers Bloomberg over CNBC

Subscribes to…

  • Wall Street Journal (62%)
  • Financial Times (43%)
  • Barron’s (38%)
  • Economist (38%)
  • Forbes (23%)
  • Pensions & Investments (22%)
  • Modern Trader (18%)

Regarding the upcoming election:

  • Will vote Republican in November (35%)
  • Will vote Democratic (25%)
  • Won’t vote for either Democratic or Republican (5%)
  • Don’t know or won't tell us (35%)

Other interesting highlights:

  • Believes the S&P will have a positive return in 2016 (62%)
  • Flown private aviation in the past two years (32%)
  • Is an accredited investor (63%)
  • Has an annual HHI exceeding $500K (25%)

There are many more findings.

This survey is still open and the results will be shared with all participants…and your participation may win you a free Apple Watch!  

Please take the survey here.

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