FINalternatives Survey: We Asked Investment Pros...

Apr 2 2016 | 9:42pm ET

The data from our annual reader survey continues to roll in and provide interesting data points about the participants in the alternative asset industry, or at least the slice of them that read FINalternatives. Here’s a quick rundown of some of what we’ve learned so far.

Q: Which of the following markets or products do you trade?

When asked about the instruments you trade, your answers were perhaps not surprising:













Equities and ETFs lead the list; more than 8 in 10 of you trade stocks, and nearly two-thirds trade ETFs (which admittedly could mean a wide range of underlying instruments). However, somewhat surprisingly for a global, hedge fund-focused site, currencies are dead last, at 34%. 

Q: What device do you use 7-9+ hours per day?

When asked about device habits, FINalternatives readers mirror the increasing role of mobile in broader society, but with a couple of unique elements. For instance, we’re still relatively tied to our desks:

  • Desktop Computer:  28.7%
  • Smart Phone:  4.9%
  • Tablet:  2.0%


Q: Which sources contribute to your investment research?

When asked about which sources contribute to your investment research, a whopping 91% of you answered that you still rely on standard “business and financial print publications” and, reflecting the institutional nature of our readership, more than 55% use a Bloomberg terminal or similar platform. 

Interestingly, 28.5% - nearly one third – now include social media as an investment research source, and a further 16% podcasts, two channels that were barely on the investment research radar just a few years ago.


Q: What is your best forecast for where the S&P will end up at the end of 2016?
Asked about the market’s direction, FINalternatives readers are proving to be a relatively bullish bunch:

Up 10% or more


Up 5-10%


Up less than 5%


Total Bullish




Down less than 5%


Down 5-10%


Down 10-20%


Total Bearish


The good news, unless you're a contrarian, is that exactly 0.0% of our respondents to date expect a decline this year of 20% or more. 
Our survey is still open and your submission qualifies you for a chance to win an Apple Watch. We’ll bring further details of this year’s results as they roll in, and our sincerest thanks to everyone who has participated so far. 

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