ENSO Financial Analytics Teams With EBS Treasury For Improved Cash and Collateral Movements

Aug 4 2016 | 5:45pm ET

ICAP’s ENSO Financial Analytics unit has partnered with EBS Treasury to provide cash and collateral movement workflows to its clients. 

By connecting ENSO’s portfolio finance and treasury solutions platform with EBS’s SWIFT-powered offering, ENSO clients will be able to make money market sweeps and cash movements through EBS Treasury and further optimize counterparty relationships, the company said in a statement.

The integration of the two platforms has already commenced, and initial access will soon be available for all clients. Full integration will enable ENSO users to access EBS Treasury functionality directly through the ENSO platform.

“We are excited to partner with EBS Treasury and take the natural next step in providing this new functionality for our customers,” said Matthew Bernard, CEO of ENSO, in a statement. “[The partnership] enables them to seamlessly move both cash and collateral across counterparties through the ENSO platform, and act on the opportunities already identified in ENSO Core and ENSO Edge.”

“EBS Treasury and ENSO are cutting-edge platforms which have a track record of client-centered innovations, and today’s partnership is the latest example of our strategy to diversify our customer base and add new products,” added Justin Meadows, CEO of EBS Treasury. 

“By adding ENSO’s ability to identify market opportunities to EBS Treasury’s cash and collateral movement capabilities, we believe this partnership is a powerful collaboration in the path to create a suite of wide-ranging solutions for managers, and will benefit the balance sheet constrained prime broker community,” said Jenny Knott, CEO of ICAP Post Trade Risk and Information.

With more than a $1 trillion in client assets under advisory, ENSO has 14 major broker-dealers on the platform. The company was the subject of a FINtech Focus profile on FINalternatives last year. 

ENSO Financial Analytics is a hedge fund service provider offering a suite of intuitive, data-driven tools to enhance risk visibility, operational transparency, and transactional efficiency. ENSO captures data on more than ~$1 trillion in hedge fund assets under advisory and is headquartered in New York. The company was acquired by global post-trade services giant ICAP in April 2016. 

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