Family Office Networks Expands Hedge Fund Platform

Dec 22 2016 | 7:17pm ET

Family Office Networks (FON) is expanding its hedge fund division to help a select group of emerging and established investment managers raise assets from the fast-growing family office sector.

The appetite for various hedge fund strategies among family offices is dynamic and strategies fall in and out of favor on an on-going basis, the organization said in a statement. At present, popular strategies include equity-based strategies such as long/short, global macro and market neutral, although even hedge fund managers with strong performance numbers can still find it challenging to arrange meetings with family office allocators, FON said. With family offices controlling $4 trillion in investment capital and hedge funds managing around $3 trillion, the opportunity for growth is clear. 

“New managers typically rely on ‘friends and family’ money or perhaps a key investor to launch their fund,” said Andrew Schneider, founder and president of Family Office Networks, in the statement. “Once they’ve launched, however, they want allocations from family offices but find them to be hard to identify and get in front of to tell their story. That’s where we come in. Our group has a global network of 7,000 family offices and we understand the investment preferences of every one of them.”

“The goal of [our] expanding hedge fund division is to partner with only best in class hedge fund managers and help to introduce them to potential family office investors,” Schneider continued. “Our track record is unsurpassed as our interests are aligned with the family offices who depend on us to help them identify the best possible hedge funds with which to invest based on their individual needs.”

Family Office Networks was founded in 2014 by the Schneider Family Office as a community for families to share information about potential investments, including private equity, venture capital, alternatives, and real estate. The firm also counsels family offices on portfolio management, record keeping, philanthropic management, multi-generational wealth management, compliance, regulatory assistance, risk management, insurance, life management, shared asset perks, training and education. 

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