Axioma Debuts Python-Based API for Portfolio Optimizer

Jan 30 2017 | 6:13pm ET

Risk management specialist Axioma has debuted a new API for accessing the company’s Portfolio Optimizer application.

The update enables users to leverage the features of Portfolio Optimizer using programming language python, a popular choice among quantitative engineers who use it to prep alpha-focused models and other inputs typical in the optimization process, Axioma said in a statement. Use of Python in the API eases integration with the proprietary model-production processes of Axioma’s clients. 

Both the company’s proprietary Web Services application and the new Python API enable Axioma’s clients to access its library of strategy-building options for portfolio construction, the company added. 

“Financial institutions’ widespread adoption of [our] Web Services drives consistency and efficiency in the flow of data and insight across the organization. This results in greater collaboration and fewer organizational silos,“ said Pam Vance, managing director of applications development for Axioma, in a statement. Clients can also share optimization use-cases enterprise-wide using repositories, which makes it easier for teams to add inputs and share analyses. The repository maintains live cases that are instantly accessible and archived. 

Both the Python API and the Optimizer Web Service are open to content from any source, be it from Axioma, a third party, or clients’ internal research teams, the statement continued. As a result, clients can apply proprietary return, risk and transaction cost models created in Python to customize their portfolio optimization analyses. 

Another extensive feature of this interface is its ability to incorporate ETFs, futures and other composite instruments with a full look-through to their individual constituents. Users can either use Axioma’s integrated content or create their own custom compositions to take full advantage of the look-through to monitor and control the risk exposures of their portfolios. 

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York, Axioma offers a suite of integrated portfolio construction, analytics, risk modeling and optimization tools that help clients create and model portfolios and obtain views of risk across the enterprise and multiple asset classes. The company was the subject of a FINtech Focus profile in March 2016.

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