BoardEx Launches Advisor, PE Modules For Enhanced Relationship Mapping

May 9 2017 | 9:04pm ET

BoardEx, a business unit of Jim Cramer’s TheStreet Inc., has added two features to its platform aimed at solidifying the brand’s leadership in the relationship mapping space. 

The first of the two new modules, Advisor to Advisor Connections, builds on BoardEx’s existing Advisors and Dealmakers data that allows users to find connections between individuals who have worked as advisors on the same side of a M&A deal.

The second, Private Equity Module, surfaces key information about the senior management of private equity firms and their portfolio companies. The feature enables users to map connections that exist in the PE sector and provide client firms with greater connectivity to the marketplace, according to a statement.  

“TheStreet has upgraded BoardEx to include connections within both the dealmaking and investment communities," said Jeff Davis, president of institutional services at the company. "This type of data will be particularly useful to law firms and investment banks as they strive for more transparency around deal relationships."

BoardEx is a comprehensive, continuously-growing global influencer database, enabling users to surface more than 800 million first-degree connections between themselves, their colleagues and extensive coverage of senior leaders – C-suite, board members, high level management and decision makers. The data is monitored daily, with millions of updates each year to employment, achievement, education and membership status.

Although known largely through for the ebullient personality of founder Jim Cramer and its family of consumer-facing subscription products, New York-based TheStreet also has a large suite of institutional services that include The Deal, BoardEx and RateWatch.

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