Keterra Adds Goldenwise's Quantitative Multi-Strat Program To Hydra Platform

Aug 7 2017 | 11:13pm ET

The quantitative multi-strategy program of volatility arbitrage manager Goldenwise Capital Management is now available on Kettera Strategies’ Hydra marketplace.

Hydra is a global platform giving investors access to established and emerging alternative asset managers while providing daily transparency, intra-month liquidity and notional funding capabilities. 

Goldenwise’s multi-strategy program is now available to Canadian investors through the newly launched Goldenwise Multi Strategy Fund, which invests in the Goldenwise cell listed on Hydra, Kettera said in a statement. Other investors can access the Goldenwise program directly through Hydra. 

Goldenwise employs a model-driven volatility arbitrage and trend-following approach with an investment focus on futures and options on VIX, S&P500, DAX30, EuroStoxx50 and VStoxx indexes. Its models are designed to identify inefficiently priced spread relationships and are coupled with discretionary risk overlay, the statement continued. 

“We are excited to be on Hydra and to work with the Kettera team to provide investors and advisors with high levels of flexibility, capital efficiency and transparency,” said Huakun Ding, Goldenwise Founder and Chief Investment Officer, in the statement. 

Goldenwise partnered with Spartan Fund Management Inc. to launch the Goldenwise Multi Strategy Fund, a fund created to access Goldenwise’s strategy on Hydra. 

Founded in 2015, Hydra is Kettera’s flagship product. It is a robust, independent, custody-based managed account marketplace providing institutional investors, family offices, wealth managers and high net worth investors with efficient access to global macro, FX, volatility and managed futures strategies through pooled vehicles as well as the ability to create bespoke, multi-manager portfolios.

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