Neudata Releases Upgraded Scout Digital Alternative Data Platform

Aug 8 2017 | 9:30pm ET

Alternative data specialist Neudata has released an updated version of its popular Scout digital data intelligence platform. 

The company provides hedge funds and other institutional investment managers with metadata about the vast array of alternative datasets available toward the goal of selecting and back testing the most appropriate sources for alpha generation. 

The updated application features expanded navigation and filtering components, allowing managers to more easily pinpoint relevant data sources for a specific investment universe, or search for specific stocks, products or even brands. In addition, it adds a robust content management capability for users to add relevant and useful notes, the company said.

“We listened carefully to feedback from our audience of quantitative investment managers and greatly enhanced the functionality and new features available on the Neudata Scout platform,” said Rado Lipuš, founder and chief executive officer of Neudata, in a statement. “[This update] makes it easier for investment professionals to perform critical functions such as discovering, assessing and selecting the best sources of datasets for their particular investment research needs.”

Data providers on the platform span the universe from early-stage, smaller data providers compiling unique data, established ones assembling novel datasets for a limited number of investment management clients, and the larger exhaustive data providers that often incidentally collect and aggregate less mainstream data that can be useful to investors.              

Founded in 2016, London-based Neudata helps sophisticated investment managers find, evaluate and select new and alternative data sources that can provide unique, timely and granular records of often imperceptible economic activity. The company’s expertise lies in uncovering unique datasets from non-conventional sources that are not available on established and commonly used data platforms. 

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