Orchard Unveils New Platform Connecting Institutional Investors With Private Credit Opportunities

Sep 12 2017 | 7:34pm ET

Peer-to-peer lending platform Orchard has debuted a new global network connecting institutional investors with private loan originators, bridging the cap between those searching for new sources of financing and those with capital to deploy.

The new capability, named Deals, was unveiled as part of Orchard’s new platform launch, the company said in a statement. Operated by wholly-owned subsidiary and SEC-registered broker-dealer Orchard Platform Markets, LLC, qualified investors gain access to a broad range of new investment opportunities, including pools of seasoned loans, forward flow agreements, credit facilities, underlying deal data and an enterprise suite of credit analytics solutions. 

Meanwhile, originators with pools of loans to sell can list deals and seamlessly share data within this global network, the company added, while working with investors on due diligence, analysis, structure and terms.

Orchard’s enterprise technology also allows participants to seamlessly exchange information, help originators better monitor utilization across capital sources, and provides advanced analytics for scenario testing, data visualization, and benchmarking tools, the statement continued.

Alternative asset managers have become intensely interested in the private credit space over the past several years as traditional lenders have retreated, with startups like Orchard utilizing technology to facilitate loans to at small- and medium sized businesses and managers such as BlackRock developing large online loan books. Founded in 2013, New York-based Orchard’s centralized marketplace allows originators and institutional investors to explore and evaluate opportunities for funding, buying, and selling loans. 

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