Prattle Debuts Algo-Driven Equity Analytics Platform

Sep 18 2017 | 5:53pm ET

Fintech company Prattle has unveiled a new equities analytics platform for investment professionals that uses real-time algorithms to generate quantitative analyses of the market impacts of corporate earnings calls.

The new platform covers earnings calls from approximately 3,000 publicly traded companies in the U.S. and is available via a dashboard, automatic call reports or an integrated API, the company said in a statement Monday. 

Prattle’s technology enables it to algorithmically generate comprehensive, unbiased, quantitative data for use by asset managers and investment analysts in predicting market impacts of central bank announcements and corporate communications. The Equities Analytics platform uses a combination of natural language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning to create a unique lexicon for each company, then uses that information to quantify the market impact of an earnings call based on the historical relationship between the company’s language and corresponding market activity, the statement continued. 

The launch follows several recent developments at the company, including partnerships with Nasdaq and FactSet, and a successful $3.3 million seed round of financing.

“Analysts are inundated with potentially useful information to inform their investment strategies, but they lack the time to sift through that information and remain informed about more than a handful of companies,” said Ken Meyer, CRO of Prattle, in the statement. “Our platform empowers analysts to identify market trends and analyze individual companies with a level of precision no other technology provides.”

“Analysts and market participants are moving from traditional, opinion-based decision making to quantitative or quantamental analysis,” added CEO Evan Schnidman. “Our technology empowers users to efficiently and cost-effectively run quantitative models or conduct fundamental research that results in optimal investment decisions.”

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Prattle provides sentiment data used to predict the market impact of central bank and corporate communications. The company’s technology quantifies market-moving language and provides clarity to investors struggling with a flood of unstructured data and information. 

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